The Finnish Defence Forces order KSJ ballistic shield systems

Kenno Tech is pleased to announce that the Finnish Defence Forces have placed an order with a total worth of approximately 0,8 M€ for KSJ ballistic shield system sets designed to their specification. The deliveries will span over the first half of 2011.

This is the first volume order of the system after several years of development and fabrication of proto type and pilot series shields for testing by the Army. The system has been revised and fintuned according to the input and results of the Army´s tests and exercises.

One ballistic shield system set comprises 7 shield elements, each of which is 6 metres long. The multi-use elements may be assembled for instance to form a camp wall or a shelter. For transport one set acts as a 20 ft container equivalent. Kenno Tech has developed the system in co-operation with the Finnish Defence Forces.

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