New Kenno Shield system features introduced

The elements of the KSJ Element System now feature two pairs of legs per element. This provides added safety and redundancy both for erecting the elements and in operational use as if one leg on one side is damaged, the element will still be supported by the remaining leg.

The legs are equipped with load spreading pads and they may be spread to two different widths as shown in the picture below.

One possible application of the KSJ Element System is to construct a shelter, and for this a door of course is required. One 20 ft sea container compatible set of 7 elements makes up a shelter: 4 elements as walls and 3 elements make up the roof. In the picture below a shelter is under construction. The construction of the shelter takes a couple of hours.

It is now possible to specify a door as an option to any number of KSJ Element System elements.

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