Nato Stock Numbers of Balpro™ system products

Balpro™ Protector 734 has now a Nato Stock Number (NSN) assigned

The newest Balpro™ system product is the Balpro™ Protector 734. This system set of the modular fortification system includes 3 pieces of 6-metre full length elements and 4 pieces of split elements each consisting of 2 pieces of 3-metre elements, one of which has a door. The NSN of the Balpro™ Protector 734 is 5410580006180.

The NSN’s of the earlier released Balpro™ system products are:

Balpro™ Protector 770 (7 pieces of 6-metre full length elements, one with a door) has NSN 5410580002109.

Balpro™ Container has NSN 8150580002175.

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