Balpro® System Components

Nato Stock Numbers (NSN) have been assigned to the Balpro® Protector system and its key component parts as well as the Balpro® Container. The following list shows the NSN´s and standard NATO descriptions together with corresponding Kenno Tech part numbers and component names:

NSN Standard NATO description Kenno Tech P/N Description
5410580002109 MULTIPURPOSE AREA SHELTER SYSTEM 0003-203710 Balpro®
Protector 770 (system set)
5340580002131 LOCK BAR 0003-204510 Lock bar for securing elements for transport
5410580002135 SIDEWALL ASSEMBLY, SHELTER 0003-204310 Balpro®Protector top element with container corners
5410580002132 SIDEWALL ASSEMBLY, SHELTER 0003-209110 Balpro®
Protector basic element
5410580002133 SIDEWALL ASSEMBLY, SHELTER 0003-203810 Balpro®Protector basic element with door
5410580002134 SIDEWALL ASSEMBLY, SHELTER 0003-204010 Balpro®
Protector bottom element with container corners
5411580002136 INSTALLATION KIT,SHELTER 0003-204710 Joining kit for elements
0003-205310 Assembly wrench
5340580002138 HANGER,PIPE 0003-205510 Storage rack for lock bars

A Balpro® Protector 770 element system (NSN 5410580002109) includes four basic elements, one basic element with a door, top and bottom elements with container corners and a total of 21 joining kits (3 per element).

A Balpro® Protector 734 (NSN 5410580006180) element system includes one basic element, top and bottom elements with container corners, four 3-metre elements (“half elements”) with one 3-metre element having a door.

The Nato Stock Number for the Balpro® Container is 8150580002175 (CONTAINER, FREIGHT, GENERAL PURPOSE).