Balpro® Protector element system

The Balpro® Protector barrier system – build a bastion in hours

The patented Balpro® Protector is a modular and flexible, fast-to-build, multi-use heavy fortification system.

For transport a Balpro® Protector system set of 7 laser-welded sandwich steel elements forms a 20 ft sea container equivalent unit.

Balpro® Protector applications include:

  • Camp walls/perimeter walls: one Balpro® Protector system set provides 42 metres of 2,44 metre high defence wall for perimeter security. Elements equipped with doors may be included.
  • Protected shelters or bunkers: a fully enclosed shelter with internal measurements of 5 x 6 metres and a height of 2,44 metres can be assembled from one Balpro® Protector system set.
  • Observation points with watch towers.
  • Defensive barriers
  • Checkpoints
  • Garage/storage facilities, bays, revetments etc.
  • Safe corridors for e.g. VIPs.
  • Traffic management
  • The elements may also be used as flood barriers.

3-metre long “half elements” enable e.g. 3 metre high camp wall or a shelter with 3 metre internal heigth to be constructed.

Build-up time for a Balpro® Protector system set is about two hours and requires a crew of three equipped with a truck’s crane, front loader or other such hoisting equipment. Disassembly is equally fast and no waste is left behind.

The protection capability of the elements may be further improved by filling them with sand or gravel.

For Balpro® Protector system sets and components please see the page Balpro® system components.



Balpro Protector - Barrier system in use Lebanon

Balpro Protector system in use at Lebanon

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