Balpro® Hydraulic Road Barrier

The Balpro hydraulic gate element is a complete set that can be used to stop wheeled motor vehicles, for example at base entrances or at random checkpoints.

The gate setup time is a few minutes. The power of the gate is based on a penetrating wheeled motor vehicle’s own mass and kinetic-energy.

  • Gate’s open and closing time is 5 seconds.
  • Gate’s functions are operated with electric driven hydraulics.
  • Hydraulic pump is driven by an electric motor that is powered by a battery or a power grid (~220V).
  • Battery charging is done by a power grid connection. 
  • Battery can open and close the gate approx. 300 times.
  • Gate can also be operated manually by hands.
  • The gate’s wall height is 800 mm while in closed mode.

The gate element can be merged with the Balpro Protector -series at which point it will replace one Protector -element. The Balpro -elements can be used to protect the checkpoint’s functions and to increase the gate’s impact resistance. The gate element can be installed directly onto flat surfaces like roads and it’s immediately ready for use.

Demonstration video


Balpro Hydraulic Road Barrier is being tested by Finnish Defense Forces