Force protection Balpro® products


Reusable, deployable Balpro® Protector defence wall system enables fortification in hours

The Balpro® Protector element system is a rapidly deployable modular protective barrier system for protection of middle sized and large objects and personnel.

During transport the Balpro® Protector system handles as a self supporting 20 ft sea container.

A set of 7 pieces of 6 metre barrier elements – a total of 42 metres of defence wall, a shelter or a bunker – can be assembled in about two hours and no special tools are needed.

The Balpro® Protector system can be used in many ways: as wall/barrier, garage-shaped shelter, revetments, observation point, safe corridor etc.

Thanks to their steel sandwich structure, the elements may be filled with sand or gravel – thus raising their protective capability considerably.

The system has been developed in co-operation with the Finnish Army and tested in army exercises and firing tests.

The Balpro® Protector system is patented.