New order for Balpro® products

The Finnish Defence Forces place a 1,3 M€ order with Kenno Tech for additional Balpro® Protector systems and Balpro®Containers

Kenno Tech received a new order of close to 1,3 M€ for Balpro®Protector systems and Balpro® Containers from the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). The FDF exercised purchase options included in its February 2012 purchase decision for these products. The deliveries will start this year and continue into 2014.

Kenno Tech again at MilEngCOE Industry Day

Kenno Tech will again participate at MilEngCOE’s Industry Day exhibition in Ingolstadt, December 4th 2013

Kenno Tech will again participate in the Industry Day exhibition organized by NATO’s Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (MilEngCOE) in Ingolstadt on 4th December 2012. The event will be attended by military engineers from most NATO member countries and will provide Kenno Tech a valuable occasion to introduce the Balpro®system to the user community of fortification products.

Kenno Tech at NATO’s Capable Logistician 2013 Industry Days

Kenno Tech participated in the Industry Days arranged in conjunction with NATO’s logistics exercise Capable Logistician 2013 in Lest, Slovakia 19.-21. June. Some 1800 personnel and 600 pieces of logistics equipment from 35 nations participated in the Capable Logistician exercise. The objective of the Industry Days was to enable a dialogue between industry and the end-user community regarding new developments in equipment.

We were happy at getting this wonderful opportunity to present our Balpro® Protector fortification system concept to representatives of armies from a wide array of nations.

Balpro® Protector shelter under attack

A Balpro® Protector shelter was subjected to artillery fire in a Finnish Defence Forces exercise in May

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) performed a major artillery exercise in the Rovajärvi training area in Northern Finland during 13th to 24th May. As part of this “Maavoimien vaikuttamisharjoitus 2013”-exercise, force protection structures, including a Balpro® Protector shelter equipped with an rpg defeat roofing section, were targeted.

A picture of this shelter can be seen in this FDF release: http://www. puolustusvoimat. fi/wcm/erikoissivustot/mvh2013/suomeksi/uutis et/uudet+linnoitteet+koe- kaytossa.

Some video footage of the exercise can be seen at:

Watch tower added to Balpro® Protector system

Erect a 4 metre or 7 metre high watch tower in about 4 hours


The newest addition to the Balpro® Protector product family is a kit, which allows construction of a watch tower.

The watch tower is built using vertically placed 3 metre or 6 metre elements; with the windows and roof element included this results in a roughly 4 metre and 7 metre high watch tower respectively.

The watch tower kit includes the ladders, platforms and window frames with bulletproof glass panes needed, in addition to the
Balpro® Protector elements, to construct a watch tower.

For more information about the Watch Tower Kit, please refer to its Data Sheet (Force Protection Balpro® products => Brochures).

Kenno Tech receives Balpro® trademark registration

Balpro® is the registered trademark for Kenno Tech’s fortification products

Kenno Tech has been awarded the EU trademark registration for its fortifiction product group name Balpro®. The commercial names of individual products have the product group name Balpro® followed by a product specific name; e.g. Balpro® Protector 770.

Nato Stock Numbers of Balpro™ system products

Balpro™ Protector 734 has now a Nato Stock Number (NSN) assigned

The newest Balpro™ system product is the Balpro™ Protector 734. This system set of the modular fortification system includes 3 pieces of 6-metre full length elements and 4 pieces of split elements each consisting of 2 pieces of 3-metre elements, one of which has a door. The NSN of the Balpro™ Protector 734 is 5410580006180.

The NSN’s of the earlier released Balpro™ system products are:

Balpro™ Protector 770 (7 pieces of 6-metre full length elements, one with a door) has NSN 5410580002109.

Balpro™ Container has NSN 8150580002175.

Kenno Tech at MilEngCOE Industry Day

Kenno Tech participated in MilEngCOE’s Industry Day exhibition in Ingolstadt, November 28th 2012

Kenno Tech participated in the exhibition during the Industry Day organized by the Military Engineering Centre of Excellence in Ingolstadt on 28th November 2012. The event was attended by military engineers and pioneers from most NATO member countries.