Balpro® Protector shelter under attack

A Balpro® Protector shelter was subjected to artillery fire in a Finnish Defence Forces exercise in May

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) performed a major artillery exercise in the Rovajärvi training area in Northern Finland during 13th to 24th May. As part of this “Maavoimien vaikuttamisharjoitus 2013”-exercise, force protection structures, including a Balpro® Protector shelter equipped with an rpg defeat roofing section, were targeted.

A picture of this shelter can be seen in this FDF release: http://www. puolustusvoimat. fi/wcm/erikoissivustot/mvh2013/suomeksi/uutis et/uudet+linnoitteet+koe- kaytossa.

Some video footage of the exercise can be seen at:

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