Balpro® Protector

The patented Balpro® Protector is a modular and flexible, fast-to-build, multi-use heavy fortification system.

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Balpro® Container

Balpro® Container is a laser welded, ballistically protected 20 ft container made of isolated steel sandwich elements. The container has full-width double doors at the back and a small hatch for e.g. ventilation or electrical supply at the front.

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Balpro® Hydraulic Road Barrier

The Balpro® hydraulic gate element is a complete set that can be used to stop wheeled motor vehicles, for example at base entrances or at random checkpoints.

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Kenno Tech is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing laser welded, steel sandwich elements. In co-operation with the Finnish Army we have developed the modular Balpro® Protector fortification system. For more about Kenno Tech and its other products and services, also refer to

Balpro Protector demonstration