About us

Kenno Tech is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing laser welded, steel sandwich elements.

In co-operation with the Finnish Army we have developed the modular Balpro® Protector fortification system.

For more about Kenno Tech and its other products and services, also refer to www.kennotech.fi.


Our resources

Our laser welding line is tailor made for sandwich element production

We posess extensive sandwich structure and laser welding know how – dating back to the “Kenno – Kevyet levyt”-research programme during 1998-2002. We have a partner network providing amongst others demanding structural calculation services.

For sandwich structure design we utilize a purpose-designed sandwich dimensioning software. When required, we will make structural finite element method (FEM) calculations using the MSC FEA-software.

Our laser welding production line uses a 4.5 kW CO2 laser resonator. The sheet thicknesses that we weld through range from 0.3 mm to 6 mm. We weld most steel materials.

The width of our portal is 3 metres, which defines the maximum element width. The maximum length is in practice decided by logistical considerations; so far the longest elements we have manufactured have been some 12 metres long, but technically even longer elements can be produced.